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Eurovisionworld is a private fan community for everyone who has a passion for Eurovision Song Contest. All articles, pictures, facts, videos, polls, etc. has only ONE focus: Eurovision Song Contest!

We will bring you all the Eurovision stories around the world, in a beautiful simple format. Together with all the news articles, we aim to serve you all the other aspects of Eurovision Song Contest. Especially our complete database of all the songs, lyrics and votings from all the history of Eurovision is popular. In the section Odds, we show you what the professional bookmakers predicts. They are usually right about the outcome, so it gives a great hint of the outcome of lots of Eurovision-related events. Our goal is to "keep it simple and informative", so the only source you need for Eurovision News can be found on ONE site:! Eurovisionworld is not affiliated with EBU or the organisation behind Eurovision Song Contest.

Can i contribute to the site?

Of course! All comments, suggestions, contributions, content, etc. are more than welcome. Whether you wish to be an editor, correspondent, photographer or twitter-king you are more than welcome to join us.

Who is behind the site?

We are a group of dedicated Eurovision-fans from different countries who write all the content here, and we love it! We do it all without payment because Eurovision is our passion. There are some advertising on the site, only to cover our costs to server-hosting and domains.

Our team: Andreas (Greece), Rasmus (Denmark), Niels (Denmark), Harun (Turkey), Jonathan (United Kingdom), Helena (Estonia), Chris (Albania), Cheryl (United Kingdom), Katrien (Belgium), Aggelos (Greece), Matthew (Malta), Neville (Malta), Benjamin (Australia), Andrew (Ukraine), Alvaro (Portugal) and Henk (Netherlands). Join our team.

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