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Denmark: 982 entries submitted for Melodi Grand Prix 2016

982 songs. A record number of entries submitted for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016. 300 more than last year

The last two times Eurovision was held in Sweden, Denmark won the competition (2000 and 2013). And this year, the Danes are going for the third victory in Sweden. The Danish national broadcaster, Danmarks Radio (DR), has announced that 982 entries have been submitted for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016.

Head of entertainment at DR, Jan Lagermand Lundme, states: »It's so great to feel the interest this year. Grand Prix was nothing without talented songwriters and lyricists, so it's fantastic that a record number wants to be in this year«. He continues: »Grand Prix has become more attractive. We have been signaling that we will make efforts to raise the quality of the competition, and it has paid off«.

The producer and X-factor-judge " Cutfather" has the responsibility to choose the 10 songs and artists that will compete for the ticket to Stockholm 2016. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 will take place in Horsens on 13 February 2016.

Contributions to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

  • 2016: 982 songs
  • 2015: 687 songs
  • 2014: 872 songs
  • 2013: 692 songs
  • 2012: 678 songs
  • 2011: 663 songs
  • 2010: 562 songs
  • 2009: 684 songs
  • 2008: 443 songs
  • 2007: 475 songs
  • 2006: 336 songs
  • 2005: 263 songs
  • 2004: 315 songs

Denmark in Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark 2000 | Olsen brothers - "Fly On The Wings Of Love"

Denmark has been participating in Eurovision Song Contest 43 times. Since its debut in 1957, Denmark has won the contest 3 times:
1963: Dansevise
2000: Fly On The Wings Of Love
2013: Only Teardrops

Worst result was in 2002 (last). Since the introduction of the Semi-finals in Eurovision in 2004, Denmark has qualified for the Grand Final 9 out of 12 times.

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