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Eurovision 2015: Full voting results

EBU has just released the full voting results for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. See the complete voting and points for Semi-final 1, Semi-final 2 and Grand Final

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In both Semi-finals and in the Grand Final the votes of the jury and the public televoters had equal weight in each countries points.

Eurovision 2015 result

PlaceCountrySong / ArtistJury
1Sweden icon1 3 365 10
2Russia icon3 2 303 25
3Italy icon6 1 292 27
4Belgium icon5 4 217 13
5Australia icon4 6 196 12
6Latvia icon2 8 186 19
7Estonia icon11 5 106 4
8Norway icon7 17 102 9
9Israel icon8 7 97 3
10Serbia icon24 10 53 8
11Georgia icon10 13 51 23
12Azerbaijan icon14 14 49 24
13Montenegro icon12 18 44 16
14Slovenia icon15 19 39 1
15Romania icon21 12 35 20
16Armenia icon22 11 34 6
17Albania icon26 9 34 26
18Lithuania icon16 16 30 7
19Greece icon18 21 23 15
20Hungary icon17 22 19 22
21Spain icon25 20 15 21
22Cyprus icon9 23 11 11
23Poland icon27 15 10 18
24United Kingdom icon23 24 5 5
25France icon19 26 4 2
26Austria icon13 27 0 14
27Germany icon20 25 0 17

Grand Final

See the voting and points in graphics
Albania iconArmenia iconAustralia iconAustria iconAzerbaijan iconBelarus iconBelgium iconCyprus iconCzech Republic iconDenmark iconEstonia iconFinland iconFrance iconFYR Macedonia iconGeorgia iconGermany iconGreece iconHungary iconIceland iconIreland iconIsrael iconItaly iconLatvia iconLithuania iconMalta iconMoldova iconMontenegro iconNetherlands iconNorway iconPoland iconPortugal iconRomania iconRussia iconSan Marino iconSerbia iconSlovenia iconSpain iconSweden iconSwitzerland iconUnited Kingdom icon
1Sweden iconSweden36577127610121010121012857104101210101212101085101212888781281212
2Russia iconRussia30381210812121058101281065128638810107107626101010510676
3Italy iconItaly29212681081812753267831226612811276757121212107812868
4Belgium iconBelgium21714658767771216871242474761275571054361023
5Australia iconAustralia1963112644855275885765364810824832712810
6Latvia iconLatvia186271557354667463571241242281025212174547
7Estonia iconEstonia10643647226102227132683143217233
8Norway iconNorway102443444410452523366642710
9Israel iconIsrael975227263155815354471261435
10Serbia iconSerbia5325331023121651
11Georgia iconGeorgia5110110314123655
12Azerbaijan iconAzerbaijan491210283833
13Montenegro iconMontenegro44682412102
14Slovenia iconSlovenia39318263441151
15Romania iconRomania35512151245
16Armenia iconArmenia34432331216
17Albania iconAlbania34612610
18Lithuania iconLithuania301237764
19Greece iconGreece231058
20Hungary iconHungary19181144
21Spain iconSpain1515112311
22Cyprus iconCyprus11101
23Poland iconPoland104312
24United Kingdom iconUnited Kingdom5113
25France iconFrance431
26Austria iconAustria
27Germany iconGermany

Semi-final 1

See the voting and points in graphics
Albania iconArmenia iconAustralia iconAustria iconBelarus iconBelgium iconDenmark iconEstonia iconFinland iconFrance iconFYR Macedonia iconGeorgia iconGreece iconHungary iconMoldova iconNetherlands iconRomania iconRussia iconSerbia iconSpain icon
1Russia iconRussia1827101012128108101087121271012107
2Belgium iconBelgium14961866121012126561051278710
3Estonia iconEstonia105451085884234828210212
4Georgia iconGeorgia98412721025653861014715
5Romania iconRomania898318276368155122138
6Greece iconGreece811286433123443366562
7Armenia iconArmenia7757125787451124
8Hungary iconHungary6732544127641028
9Serbia iconSerbia6351274141122474
10Albania iconAlbania623107106101636
11Moldova iconMoldova4126551085
12Belarus iconBelarus397312386
13Denmark iconDenmark3324117117351
14Netherlands iconNetherlands331675321233
15FYR Macedonia iconFYR Macedonia281032112
16Finland iconFinland1312424

Semi-final 2

See the voting and points in graphics
Australia iconAzerbaijan iconCyprus iconCzech Republic iconGermany iconIceland iconIreland iconIsrael iconItaly iconLatvia iconLithuania iconMalta iconMontenegro iconNorway iconPoland iconPortugal iconSan Marino iconSlovenia iconSweden iconSwitzerland iconUnited Kingdom icon
1Sweden iconSweden2171241212121210121012101281212121212127
2Latvia iconLatvia1551068810712281277771088810
3Israel iconIsrael151781028881234103810106510712
4Norway iconNorway1238677104127856688612102
5Slovenia iconSlovenia925123366638731245414
6Cyprus iconCyprus8765565763264627656
7Lithuania iconLithuania67477147410410333
8Poland iconPoland57143355556522524
9Montenegro iconMontenegro571026742351071
10Azerbaijan iconAzerbaijan53251023687334
11Malta iconMalta433431011075
12Ireland iconIreland3521524225138
13Czech Republic iconCzech Republic3341811181431
14Portugal iconPortugal19314461
15Iceland iconIceland14521222
16San Marino iconSan Marino1165
17Switzerland iconSwitzerland41111

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