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Russia: Polina Gagarina to Vienna with "A Million Voices"

Polina Gagarina will represent Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna with the song "A Million Voices". Listen to the song and watch the official video here

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The Russian national broadcaster Channel One announced that Polina Gagarina will represent Russia at Eurovision Song Contest. And now the broadcaster has released the official music video for the song "A Million Voices".

Russia 2015 | Polina Gagarina - "A Million Voices"

The song "A Million Voices" is written by Gabriel Alares, Joakim Björnberg, Katrina Noorbergen, Leonid Gutkin and Vladimir Matetsky.

Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina, 27, is a famous singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She was born in Moscow, but spent most of her youth in Greece. She won the second season of the Russian TV-show "Star Factory" (Фабрика звёзд / Fabrika zvyozd) in 2003. Since then, she has released three albums.

Russia in Eurovision Song Contest

Since 1994 Russia has participated 18 times in Eurovision Song Contest. They won the contest in 2008 with the song "Believe" performed by Dima Bilan. They have never ended last in the competition.

Russia, along with Greece and Romania, has qualified for the Grand Final every single year since the introduction of the semi-finals back in 2004!

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