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Eurovision 1995 Ireland:
Eddie Friel - "Dreamin'"


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Ireland finished 14th at Eurovision 1995 with 44 points.
Who gave points to Ireland at Eurovision 1995?


Dreamin' on a silver sea of moonlight
Magic fills the night
Melodies alight, when I'm dreamin'

Dreamin' how I love this nowhere feelin'
Round and round I go
Shadows soft and low, when I'm dreamin'

You can sail on any ocean
Dream an easy melody
Moonlight magic shines so gently
Moonlight magic harmony

Night time slips away in silence
And daylight steals across my silver sea
And goodbye dreamin' in the moonlight
Sleepy wake up to reality

Lala lala lala lala lalala...
Lala la lala...
Underneath the stars, dreamin'

Far away a blue horizon
Driftin' on the midnight sea
Moonlight magic shines so gently
Moonlight magic harmony

(Lala lala lala lala lalala...)
Sleepy wake up to reality

Ireland 1995

ArtistEddie Friel
ComposersRichard Abbot, Barry Woods
LyricistsRichard Abbot, Barry Woods
EventEurovision Song Contest 1995 Dublin
Position14 / 23
Running order2

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