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Odds Melodifestivalen 2017: Second Chance

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Sweden: Who will qualify for the final from Second Chance (Andra Chansen)?

Bookmakers have predicted Boris René, Lisa Ajax, Loreen and FO&O

The event has finished
The odds will not be updated any longer

1Boris René – "Her Kiss"1.281.391.51.381.01
2Lisa Ajax – "I Don't Give A"
3Loreen – "Statements"
4FO&O – "Gotta Thing About You"1.91.851.571.851.15
5De Vet Du – "Road Trip"1.81.852.251.854.1
6Axel Schylström – "När ingen ser"2.752.72.52.752.12
7Dismissed – "Hearts Align"3.52.752.52.82.14
8Anton Hagman – "Kiss You Goodbye"4.544.53.351.12
verified (CEST)4 Mar4 Mar4 Mar4 Mar4 Mar
changed (CEST)4 Mar4 Mar4 Mar4 Mar4 Mar

The Second Chance (Andra Chansen) consists of four duels, where the winner of each duel qualifies to the final:

Duel 1:
  • FO&O – "Gotta Thing About You"
  • De Vet Du – "Road Trip"

Duel 2:
  • Axel Schylström – "När ingen ser"
  • Lisa Ajax – "I Don't Give A"

Duel 3:
  • Boris René – "Her Kiss"
  • Dismissed – "Hearts Align"

Duel 4:
  • Anton Hagman – "Kiss You Goodbye"
  • Loreen – "Statements"

The odds are collected from bookmakers that have odds on Melodifestivalen 2017: Second Chance. We don't offer any bets on these odds. They are only showed here for your information, and can only be seen as bookmakers prediction of the betting: Who will qualify for the final from Second Chance (Andra Chansen)?

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