Odds Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2018

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Norway: Who will win Melodi Grand Prix 2018?

Bookmakers have predicted Rebecca
1Rebecca – "Who We Are"
2Alexander Rybak – "That’s How You Write a Song"
3Stella & Alexandra – "You Got Me"102.2510895.53.05
4Aleksander Wallmann – "Talk to the Hand"8.5258.510872
5Vidar Villa – "Moren din"101110109172
6Alejandro Fuentes – "Tengo Otra"127121211152
7Charla K – "Stop the Music"134013151595.3
8Ida Maria – "Scandilove"15751527152113
9Nicoline – "Light Me Up"851008575674113
10Tom Hugo – "I Like I Like I Like"851008550676770
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