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Odds Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Who will win Eurovision Song Contest 2018?

Bookmakers have predicted Sweden
1Sweden Sweden 77109
2Russia Russia 99 13
3Australia Australia artist: Jessica Mauboy991020
4Bulgaria Bulgaria 11111318
5Estonia Estonia 13131516
6Italy Italy 13131426
7Azerbaijan Azerbaijan artist: Aisel17171726
8Armenia Armenia 17172130
9Norway Norway 17171742
10Czech Republic Czech Republic 17172626
11Belgium Belgium artist: Laura Groeseneken17172140
12France France 21212626
13Ukraine Ukraine 17171960
14Finland Finland artist: Saara Aalto26262121
15Denmark Denmark 21212632
16Netherlands Netherlands artist: Waylon26262320
17Hungary Hungary 17172170
18Romania Romania 17172180
19Greece Greece 21212670
20Spain Spain 26263155
21Belarus Belarus 26263450
22Poland Poland 34343626
23Moldova Moldova 212126100
24United Kingdom United Kingdom 34344120
25Portugal Portugal 262623100
26Serbia Serbia 34342665
27Lithuania Lithuania 34343650
28Austria Austria Nobody But You34342695
28Germany Germany 34344165
28Malta Malta 34343675
31Latvia Latvia 34344175
32Israel Israel 343441100
33Croatia Croatia 51516119
34Ireland Ireland 51516124
35Cyprus Cyprus 51516150
36Georgia Georgia artist: Iriao343441160
37Albania Albania Mall343441210
38Montenegro Montenegro 515161150
39Slovenia Slovenia 67678150
40San Marino San Marino 67678170
41Iceland Iceland 515151200
42Switzerland Switzerland 67678180
43FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia 676781160
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