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New Eurovision app: FantESCy

A new monthly Eurovision game has emerged: FantESCy

There's a new Eurovision app in town: FantESCy. The app is basically an interactive "vote and predict" app combined with a strategical and tactical element, where you can compete against your friends. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

What is FantESCy?

FantESCy simulates the actual Eurovision editions, and every month a new Eurovision game will be available for playing, completely with Semi-finals and a Grand Final.

In the Semi-finals each player votes for all the entries, and also predicts which countries will qualify for the edition's Grand Final. Players can earn points by predicting the qualifiers.

Each player will be part of the jury of his own country. The votes of all players within that country will determine votes (1 to 12 points) of that country. For all participating countries those votes will be calculated, and based on the votes, the 10 qualifying songs will be determined.

The results will be available on the FantESCy YouTube-channel (livestream) 24 hours after the deadline of the Semi-Finals has passed.

In the Grand Final the results will be determined just as they have been in the Semi-finals. Players can earn points for predicting end positions for the entries and create a "green room" of their own with 10 countries. The higher those countries end up on the scoreboard, the more points the player will earn.

You can create groups and play against friends. This way you can compare your personal votes, personal scores and see how the entries would have scored in those groups.

It is free to play the Semi-finals and creating and joining groups, but you have to be a premium member to play the Grand Finals. A premium membership costs € 2,29.

"I love games and I love Eurovision"

Levent Akkaya (39) from Rotterdam is behind the FantESCy app. He explains his ideas behind the app:

– I love games myself and obviously I love Eurovision. The combination of those two together is FantESCy! I created this game more than 10 years ago and every single year I play this game with my friends – all of them happen to love games themselves – during the Grand Final of Eurovision. Plain and oldschool, with pen and paper, but even in that form the game triggers the competitiveness within us while watching Eurovision and having some extra fun.

– Last year after Duncan’s win, I got the idea to do something more with this game. I didn’t have a clue how it would end up at that moment. Especially because translating the game we used to play into a smartphone-app would not be easy. So I made some adjustments, added the Semi-Finals and enriched the app with daily video’s, Fan Favorite of the Week and links to Eurovision fan-websites.

Eurovisionworld is not associated or affiliated with FantESCy. FantESCy is available for Android and iPhone.

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