Finala Națională 2020:
Valeria Pașa - "It’s Time"

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Finala națională 2020


Lyrics: It’s Time


It’s Time

How many rules do I have to break
To show my strength
And to show that I have a brain?
Anything I want, I get
I speak my mind
And I'm not afraid

Don't put a label on me
Cause I am more than that
Yeah I am more than that
I'm not just a pretty thing
I'm a woman who can fight

It's time for us to speak
It's time for us to say
We are strong
That's how we're made

It's time for us to speak
It's time for us to say
We are women with the fire in veins

How many dreams do you want to take?
Any little girl should know
Everything is possible
I am here cause I have worked
If you want to test my limits
Then, let's go!

T.I.M.E - it is time
We can use our fresh thoughts
In order to climb
Let the fire inside grow as fast as it can
Chase your dream, never stop
Act like a lady and think as a man
And you got to do
And you got to say
And you got to play
With the nails done
With the high heelѕ on
You're calling me Bаrbie?
Oh, you better run!

Artist/group (stage name)Valeria Pașa
ArtistValeria Pașa
TitleIt’s Time
SongwritersGloria Gorceag, Smally, Valeria Pașa

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