Malta Eurovision 2016: Ira Losco pregnant

Malta: Ira Losco gives birth to baby boy

Congratulations Ira Losco and Sean Gravina for their newborn baby boy

During Eurovision week in May, on mothers day Ira Losco announced that she is pregnant.

Ira, Malta's representative for Eurovision 2016 have birth to a baby boy on the 25th of August. Ira's boyfriend Sean Gravina announced on facebook ''Our baby Harry was born last night and Ira is recovering perfectly, she was great''.

Later that she wrote on facebook that ''Thank you to everyone who was part of this incredible journey!! Our baby Harry was born last night and I am recovering well''

About the author: Neville Spiteri (Malta)

Neville is our correspondent from Malta. He has been following Eurovision since 1999, and has Hero by Charlotte Perrelli as his favorite ESC song

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