Malta: Janice Mangion

Malta: Janice unveils the Remix of "Kewkba"

Jancie Mangion releases the music video of "Kewkba"

After achieving 2nd place in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Janice Mangion has been busy in her music career.

The song "Kewkba" grew it's popularity even internationally. On the 28th of July at 12:00 CET, the Maltese star released the music video of this song. It was also played on the Maltese radio.

The music is composed by a very well know composer Cyprian Cassar

Would you like to see a Maltese song for Eurovision 2018?

Here is the remix of "Kewkba":

About the author: Neville Spiteri (Malta)

Neville is our correspondent from Malta. He has been following Eurovision since 1999, and has Hero by Charlotte Perrelli as his favorite ESC song

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