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More tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 are on sale

Almost 33,000 tickets are already sold. More tickets on sale

The tickets for all 9 shows of the Eurovision Song Contest in fan-zone and Golden Circle are on sale. The tickets are available starting from 1 May on the website Another batch of tickets will be released on 3 May.

The tickets will give you a chance to attent fan-zone or Golden Circle, that is the closest place to the stage. They are mostly beloved by Eurovision fans. The tickets for all previous shows and rehersals are also available, but in ferwer quantities. In general, almost 33 thousand tickets have been sold.

Tickets are available for these shows:

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About the author: Alina (Ukraine)
Alina is our local correspondent in Kyiv, Ukraine. She's been a fan of Eurovision since childhood. Her favorite Eurovision songs are Alexander Rybak's "Fairytail" from 2009, and Cyprus' "Alter Ego" from 2016

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