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EBU on Eurovision 2017: "We are slightly concerned that time is running out"

The Reference Group meets in Kyiv: "There are still some issues that have not been solved and we are slightly concerned that time is running out"

Preparations for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 continues as the Reference Group meets in Kyiv. The Reference Group is the executive Expert Committee for Eurovision. Its purpose is to control and guide the Eurovision Song Contest. The Ukrainian broadcaster NTU is organizing Eurovision 2017.

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Song Contest, says: "NTU are developing really good ideas, there is good progression. They have presented a good draft of the event design, they have presented ideas for the stage and ideas for the concept. I have to say though, there is still a lot to do".

Will Eurovision 2017 be held in Ukraine?

Since Ukraine won Eurovision in May, there have been some problems and concerns related to the preparations of next year's contest. The host city announcement was delayed and postponed several times, including a dirty war of words between the two aspirant cities Kyiv and Odessa.

Last week the General Director of NTU, Zurab Alasania, was dismissed from his job over budget concerns, and now the The Ukrainian Minister of Culture, Yevhen Nyschuk, has taken over the Eurovision 2017 organization.

Overcoming the resistance of bureaucrats is very difficult, and we didn't complain until recently. But now we are just desperate. We wouldn't be able to organise Eurovision in 2017Zurab Alasania, former General Director of NTU

There are some legislation issues in Ukraine, which have the potential to impact on the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. And now Jon Ola Sand, on behalf of the Reference Group, expresses his concerns about the preparations for Eurovision Song Contest 2017:

There are hurdles that the authorities have to look into to make sure that the project can move swiftly. It is going well, we have full confidence in NTU and the city authorities but there are still some issues that have not been solved and we are slightly concerned that time is running out. They need to speed up and they need to have the full support of the government in order to make it to the finishing line. We will follow that very very closelyJon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Song Contest

There are some challenges for NTU and the Eurovision organisation, but so far it points towards Ukraine will be able to host Eurovision 2017. Because the Minister of Culture now has taken control of the process, can be seen as a guarantee that Eurovision 2017 will be completed in Ukraine.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017

All about Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv:

Date: 9, 11 and 13 May 2017
Host city: Kyiv
Arena: Kyiv International Exhibition Centre
Participants: 43
Tickets: On sale January 2017
Events: Euroclub, Eurovision Village, Euro Fan Café

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