Moldova: O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015

Moldova: Semi-finalists selected for O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016

The 24 semi-finalists for the national selection of Moldova "O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016" have been selected by an expert jury. Listen to the songs here

47 artists performed in today's live audition in Chisinau, Moldova. An expert jury picked 24 contestants for one of the two semi-finals to be held in February 2016.

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 Semi-final 1

Running order

  1. Doiniţa Gherman - "Irresistible"
  2. Valentina Nejel - "Va fi târziu"
  3. Valeria Paşa - "Save love"
  4. Emilia Russu - "I am not the same"
  5. Che-MD - "Vodă e cu noi"
  6. Chris Maroo - Tonight
  7. Valentin Uzun - "Mine "
  8. Chriss Jeff – "Good life"
  9. DoReDoS - "FunnyFolk"
  10. Viola - "In the name of love"
  11. Maxim Zavidia - "La la love"
  12. Priza - "Rewind"

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 Semi-final 2

Running order

  1. Rodica & Ivan Aculov - "Stop lying"
  2. Lidia Isac - "Falling Stars"
  3. Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea Band - "Picture of love"
  4. Diana Brescan - "Till The End"
  5. Max Fall & Vozniuc Dan & Malloy - "Game Lover"
  6. Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei - "Lie"
  7. Felicia Dunaf - "You and Me"
  8. Nadia Moşneagu - "Memories"
  9. Big Flash Sound - "Când vrei"
  10. Anna Gulko - "Never let go"
  11. Beatrice – "Saved my heart for you"
  12. Vitalie Todiraşcu - "Belladonna"

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016

The Moldavian selection includes three shows: Two semi-finals and one final.
12 songs will compete in each semi-final.
Eight songs will qualify to the final from each semi-final.
Seven of the qualifiers are based on the combined votes from the jury and televoting results, while the eighth qualifier in each semi-final is the entry that achieves the highest televoting score from the remaining entries after a second round of public televoting during an after-show.

  • 19 December 2015: Live auditions
  • 23 February 2016: Semi-final 1
  • 25 February 2016: Semi-final 2
  • 27 February 2016: Final

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 is organized by the Moldovan broadcaster TeleRadio-Moldova (TRM). All the shows will be broadcasted live on Moldovian TV, Radio and Internet.

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