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Viewing figures for Vienna 2015: 197 million

197 million viewers tuned in on one of the three shows from Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. It is record for Eurovision and 2 million more than the 2014 contest in Copenhagen.

The viewing figures for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna have just been revealed. A total of 197 million people from the 40 participating countries watched one of the three shows broadcasted live from Vienna. EBU's Director General Ingrid Deltenre: »We are immensely proud that in its 60th year the Eurovision Song Contest has, once again, proved essential viewing for nearly 200 million people around the world«.

The viewing figures are 2 million more than Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen.

The share for the Grand Final

The percentage of those watching TV in a country that tuned in on the Grand Final

Average, 40 countries: 39.6%

Iceland: 95.5%
Sweden: 85.6%
Austria: 59.9%
Denmark: 56%
United Kingdom: 29%

Especially the 15-24 years olds hard-to-reach younger audience watched Eurovision: On average 44.8% of 15-24 year olds watching TV in 40 countries saw the Grand Final – 8% more than in 2014.

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