Eurovision 1969 Results: Voting & Points

Eurovision 1969 Scoreboard

Eurovision Song Contest 1969

Eurovision Song Contest 1969 in Madrid had four winners: France, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom, all with 18 points

Eurovision 1969 Results: Voting & Points

Date: Saturday 29 March 1969
Location: Teatro Real, Madrid, Spain
Broadcaster: TVE
Host: Laurita Valenzuela

Voting: Each participating country had 10 jury members, and each jury member could award one point to one song

Interval act: La España diferente

Did you know... Titles of songs have included Boom Bang-a-bang (UK, 1969), A-Ba-Ni-Ba (Israel, 1978), Bana Bana (Turkey, 1989) and Boum-badaboum (Monaco, 1967)

Did you know... Austria boycotted the 1969-contest in Madrid because Spain at that time was ruled by Francisco Franco

Did you know... Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden boycotted the 1970 contest as they were not pleased with the result of 1969 and the voting structure

Did you know... In 1969 there were four winners! They all had the same points, and back then there were no rules for a tie. If there's a tie today, the country with points from most countries will win

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