Supernova 2020:
Miks Dukurs - "I'm Falling for You"

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Supernova 2020
Music video


Lyrics: I'm Falling for You


I’m Falling For You

Your presence is calming
Pleasing and welcoming
You got me

Like the softest pillow
To squeeze every night
And fall asleep till the morning

It's the city of yours
I want to stay
And live there forever

I'm falling for you
I'm falling for you till the end

We should never be towed away
From each other
'Cause I'm still like

Walking on Mars
Every time I feel you around me

And one day
We will both be cats
Eating dаteѕ

Artist/group (stage name)Miks Dukurs
ArtistMiks Dukurs
TitleI'm Falling for You
SongwriterMiks Dukurs

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