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Denmark wins Eurovision Choir 2019

The choir "Vocal Line" from Denmark wins Eurovision Choir 2019. The contest took place tonight with ten choirs competing live from Gothenburg, Sweden

Tonight the second edition of "Eurovision Choir" took place live from Gothenburg, Sweden. Choirs from ten countries competed, and a professional jury chose the choir Vocal Line from Denmark as the winner, with the songs "True North" and "Viola". Vocal Line is conducted by Jens Johansen.

Denmark: Vocal Line – "Viola"

After the 10 choirs were on stage, the jury selected the 3 best choirs to proceed to the Final: Denmark, Latvia and Slovenia. Here the choirs performed a piece lasting 3 minutes each.

Eurovision Choir 2019 – Result

Hej, dunkom så länge vi levom
BelgiumAlmkaliaMade in Belgium
2 LatviaBabite Municipality Mixed Choir MaskaPērkontēvs (1st round)
Nāc, Dievini (final)
GermanyBonnVoiceO Täler weit
Die Gedanken sind frei
NorwayVolve VokalØnskediktet
1 DenmarkVocal LineTrue North (1st round)
Viola (final)
ScotlandAlbaCumha na Cloinne
Ach a' Mhairead
3 SloveniaJazzvaSpomenčice (1st round)
Bejži ptiček (final)
SwitzerlandCake O’PhonieChante en mon cœur
La sera sper il lag
Le ranz des vaches
La ticinella
Chanson d'ici
WalesYsgol Gerdd CeredigionCúlna
Ar Lan y Môr

Vocal Line

Vocal Line is a contemporary acapella choir from Aarhus, Denmark, consisting of 30 singers and conducted by Jens Johansen.

The choir dates back to 1991 and has as its stated goal and purpose to be the front runner in the development of rythmical acapella choir music nationally as well as internationally. Throughout the years, Vocal Line has continuously sought to challenge the limits for this genre and the choir is always aiming to reach an even higher musical level.

Vocal Line is based on the traditional Danish choir tradition. From this origin the choir has developed a highly individual style with a unique sound. Vocal Line is able to unite soaring Nordic sounds with intensity and sincerity. This ability, combined with its detailed and experimenting arrangements, makes Vocal Line able to continuously capture the attention of and touch its audience. Another equally essential factor is the ability of the thirty skilled singers to express their individual voices and musicality while simultaneously maintaining the immaculate blend that Vocal Line is known for.

Vocal Line has achieved great recognition in the last 27 years and has also won several international choir competitions. In 2010 Vocal Line performed with the world famous vocal equilibrist Bobby McFerrin in New York and in Aarhus. In 2014 the choir performed at The Roskilde Festival on stage with the legendary The Rolling Stones, and in 2015 the choir performed at a TV broadcasted concert at the foot of the "Christ The Redeemer" statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The broadcast reached 180 million viewers.


Eurovision Choir 2019 – Format

Each of the 10 countries were represented by a choir, and each choirs had 4 minutes to perform a choral piece. The piece could include one or more songs. After each performance the three jurors gave their comments.

After the 10 choirs were on stage, there was a massed choir performance, where 300 singers performed "Without You" by Avicii.

The jury selected the 3 best choirs to proceed to the Final. Here the choirs performed a piece lasting 3 minutes each.

Performance by Eurovision Choir 2017 winners "Carmen Manet".

The jury selected the winning choir, who was crowned "Eurovision Choir 2019", and awarded with a specially designed trophy. On top of that, the choir will get a ticket for the World Choir Games in Belgium in 2020.

Massed choir performance of ABBA's "Dancing Queen".

The performances were judged by a professional jury who solely decided the outcome:

  • Deke Sharon – USA (singer, producer and composer)
  • John Rutter – United Kingdom (composer and conductor)
  • Katarina Henryson – Sweden (singer and composer)

Eurovision Choir – History

The first edition of Eurovision Choir (called Eurovision Choir of the Year) took place at Riga Arena in Latvia on 22 July 2017, host broadcast by Latvijas Televīzija (LTV), and was won by Slovenian girls' choir Carmen Manet.

Nine countries sent choirs to this inaugural edition, which was hosted by Eric Whitacre and Eva Johansone, and adjudicated by UK composer and conductor John Rutter, Latvian mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča and Swiss conductor Nicholas Fink.

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