Estonia 2019: Victor Crone
Victor Crone “Storm” (Photo: Anna Aurelia Minev / ERR)

Estonia: Eesti Laul 2019 begins

The Estonian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Eesti Laul, is back again. Tonight the first semi-final took place, and selected the first six finalists

Eesti Laul began their contest tonight with the first semi-final. Twelve acts went head to head and six were voted through to the final. Just as in previous years voting remains the same, in two rounds.

In the first round the combination score of the judges and the public determined the first four finalists, then came the second round where the scores went to zero and the public sent two more acts to the final.

The shows are hosted by actors Ott Sepp and Piret Krumm.

Eesti Laul Semi-final 1 – Results

  • Victor Crone – "Storm"
  • Stefan – "Without You"
  • The Swingers – "High Heels In The Neighbourhood"
  • Inger – "Coming Home"
  • xtra basic ft. Emily J – "Hold Me Close"
  • Sandra Nurmsalu – "Soovide Puu"
  • ÖED – "Öhuloss"
  • Sofia Rubina – "Deep Water"
  • Jennifer Cohen – "Little Baby El"
  • Marko Kaar – "Smile"
  • Johanna Eendra – "Miks Sa Teed Nii?"
  • Ranele – "Supernova"

The six qualifiers were identical to the six the bookmakers predicted

Eesti Laul Semi-final 1 – Qualifiers' performances

Victor Crone – "Storm"
Stefan – "Without You"
The Swingers – "High Heels In The Neighbourhood"
Inger – "Coming Home"
xtra basic & Emily J – "Hold Me Close"
Sandra Nurmsalu – "Soovide puu"

Eesti Laul 2019

Twelve songs will compete in both semi-finals where six will qualify from each. In the first round of voting the combination score of judges and public voters determines the first four finalists and in the second round scores go to zero and public votes through two more acts.

  • Semi-final 1: 31 January 2019
  • Semi-final 2: 2 February 2019
  • Final: 16 February 2019

Estonia in Eurovision Song Contest

Estonia 2018: Elina Nechayeva - "La Forza"

Estonia has participated in Eurovision Song Contest 24 times by now, first in 1994. Estonia has participated every year, except 1995. Estonia has managed to qualify to the grand final only 6 out of 15 times.

Estonia has won just once, in year 2001 with the song "Everybody" performed by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton and 2XL.

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