Eurovision 2022 stage rehearsal

Eurovision 2022 Rehearsals: Big-5

The last individual rehearsals took place in Turin with the 5 pre-qualified countries for Eurovision 2022 – France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. Watch the videos from the rehearsals here

The pre-qualified countries (Big-5) rehearsed for the second time on the Eurovision stage. Watch the videos (snippet) of the rehearsals from Saturday.

We have reviewed the five songs and given our opinion about their placement in the Final:

2nd rehearsals (20 minutes)

After the 2nd rehearsal each delegation went to the Viewing Room again to see the result. Small adjustments can be made. After this, each delegation held a Press Conference, where they also made a draw for which half of the Grand Final they will perform in.


A 30-second "Exclusive Rehearsal Clip" or TV Footage (as it will look on television) of each of the countries' rehearsals can be seen here when available:


2nd rehearsals, Saturday 7 May
Alvan & Ahez
MiddleFrance's staging will catch people's attention from the very first moment. That magical and green environment is impossible to ignore. It's like we're transported to a whole new dimension of a fantasy world. The black outfits and environment mixed with the green colouring and the fire (that lasts during the entire performance) are very captivating and certainly eye-catchy. Alvan is at the center of the staging with all of his instruments whereas the girls start in a structure behind him. As the song grows until the chorus, they walk and meet him in the center and when the song ends, they're back to the structure. The stage smoke and fire are so much that one does not even noticed the black stactic structure behind them. On top of that, their green light effects are projected in it. The dancer that joins the group also goes quite unnoticed as there are few camera shots of her. It's overall a very strong and well produced performance.
Mahmood & Blanco
TopThe staging for "Brividi" is rather simplistic and quite minimalistic (especially coming after the French one in the rehearsals run). Mahmood opens the performance with an acapella moment. He's later joined by Blanco dressed in white that puts his hand over Mahmood as soon as he gets to him. It's worth mentioning that it looks like Blanco is a little bit uncomfortable (or nervous) on stage and that may be hurting his chemistry with Mahmood and overall stage presence. There is a very small usage of the LEDs behind the duo. The floor LED follows the same route and is used during the second verse of the song with some tones of blue – something very subtil. It's also during the second verse that they go different ways and Blanco sits on the big white piano. They eventually meet again for the end of the song. As the bridge kicks in, a structure of lights cover the black structure of the stage and give a more dynamic look to the staging with its effects.
Sam Ryder
TopIt's time for one of the most anticipating stagings... The United Kingdom. Sam Ryder is standing on a white lighted circle for the first verse of the song. Once the chorus kicks in, the huge structure surrounding him lights up and hooray, no black structure visible! The stage is filled with smoke and Sam Ryder is shiny himself with his outfit. Once the second part of the song starts, the cameraman goes around the structure and around Ryder himself where he engages and connects with the camera. This performance needs no LED and therefore it isn't really used. As soon as the bridge ends, the structure is put down and the white lights give place to orange lighting and not only... Sam has now an electric guitar in his hands and "plays" it giving his performance some rock and roll appeal. We did not mention his vocals but those do not need more compliments, they're flawless.
TopChanel's performing skills are outstanding. The song has a new introduction (similar to the sounds explored by the also Cuban singer, Camila Cabello) and she shines bright due to her outfit. There are adjustments in the song's instrumental and for the main initial part, it is quite similar to what we know so far. By the end of the first chorus, she lets her hair loose and continues the performance that also shows no signs of the black structure. It's when the break ends that the surprises are revealed: Chanel has a red fan (quite Spanish!) and new vocal runs that add even more dynamics to the song. The last chorus has been completely changed with new choreography and, of course, fireworks.
Malik Harris
BottomMalik Harris wraps up the set of second rehearsals in what seems to be a music studio. There are big carpets all over the room and many instruments placed in it: a keyboard, a piano, speakers, guitars and so on. Once again, another country of the big 5 opts for covering the black structure in the middle of the stage. There's a lot of smoke around the stage which makes the all set seem dusty but it actually works. Malik engages quite a lot with the camera and it does seem like he's telling a story to the viewers. There is no use of LEDs and even the fountain is kept hidden during this performance.

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