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Eurovision this weekend: 7 countries in action

Pre-selections in Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Latvia. Premiere for Söngvakeppnin, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, Melodifestivalen and Supernova. See the complete program here

What's happening in the Eurovision world this weekend? The Eurovision Calendar has 7 events this weekend:

Ukraine: Semi-final 1

Ukraine 2016 Logo

When: Saturday 6 February, 18:00 CET
Event: Pre-selection
Read: Ukraine: Artists, jury and running-order decided for Semi-finals
Watch: UA:Pershyi and STB

Hungary: A Dal, Heat 3

Hungary A Dal 2016

When: Saturday 6 February, 19:40 CET
Event: A Dal, pre-selection
Songs: Hungary: Listen to all the songs for A Dal 2016

Lithuania: Eurovizijos, Show 5

Lithuania Eurovizijos 2015

When: Saturday 6 February, 20:00 CET
Event: Eurovizijos, pre-selection
Read: Lithuania: 28 artists for Eurovizijos announced
Watch: link1 link2

Finland: UMK, Semi-final 1

Finland Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK)

When: Saturday 6 February, 20:00 CET
Event: Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, pre-selection
Listen: Finland: Here are the songs for UMK 2016
Odds: Who will win Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2016?

Sweden: Melodifestivalen, Deltävling 1, Göteborg

Sweden Melodifestivalen

When: Saturday 6 February, 20:00 CET
Event: Melodifestivalen, pre-selection
Read: Sweden: Here are the Melodifestivalen 2016 participants
Odds: Qualify to the Final from Göteborg? Melodifestivalen winner?

Iceland: Söngvakeppnin, Semi-final 1

Iceland 2016: Söngvakeppnin

When: Saturday 6 February, 21:00 CET
Event: Söngvakeppnin, pre-selection
Listen: Iceland: Listen to the songs for Söngvakeppnin 2016
Odds: Who will win Söngvakeppnin 2016?
Watch: RÚV

Latvia: Supernova, Heat 1

Latvia Supernova

When: Sunday 7 February
Event: Supernova, pre-selection
Listen: Latvia: Listen to the songs for Supernova 2016

Stay tuned for next week's events: 4 countries decides, and pre-selections in 8 countries!

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