Eurovision Song Contest 2024: Malmö

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: Malmö

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be held in Malmö, Sweden in May 2024, after Loreen's victory in Liverpool. Find all the information about Eurovision 2024: Date, City, Participants, Arena, Eurovision Village and Euroclub

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Date: When is Eurovision 2024?

The Eurovision week will have three shows: Semi-final 1 on Tuesday, Semi-final 2 on Thursday and the Grand Final on Saturday:

  • Semi-final 1: 7 May 2024
  • Semi-final 2: 9 May 2024
  • Grand Final: 11 May 2024

City: Where will Eurovision 2024 be held?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be held in Malmö, Sweden after Loreen's victory in Liverpool.

It will be the third time the contest will be held in Malmö. The city also hosted Eurovision in 1992 and 2013.

Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden, located in the southernmost part of the country. It lies across the Øresund Strait from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The two cities are connected by the Øresund Bridge, which has facilitated close ties and easy travel between the two.

Malmö has a population of around 350,000 people. It is a culturally diverse city with residents from over 170 different nationalities, contributing to its vibrant and multicultural atmosphere.

Malmö has a rich history dating back to the 13th century when it was founded as a fishing village. Over the centuries, it grew into a significant trading center and a hub for maritime activities. Today, Malmö showcases a blend of historic architecture and modern development.

Malmö offers a range of attractions for visitors to explore. Some notable landmarks include Ribersborg Beach, Moderna Museet Malmö, Turning Torso, Stortorget, Malmö Castle.

Malmö has gained recognition for its commitment to sustainability and innovative urban planning. The city has implemented various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable living. The Western Harbor (Västra Hamnen) is a prime example of sustainable urban development, featuring environmentally-friendly buildings, green spaces, and renewable energy solutions.

Malmö is home to several educational institutions, including Malmö University. The city also hosts numerous cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions throughout the year, celebrating art, music, and diversity.

Malmö offers a vibrant food scene, with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and food markets. Visitors can savor both Swedish and international cuisines, and the city is known for its diverse culinary offerings.

Malmö has an efficient public transportation system, including buses and trains, making it easy to get around the city and explore the surrounding region. The Øresund Bridge connects Malmö to Copenhagen, providing convenient access to Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Arena: Malmö Arena

Hyllie Boulevard 2, Malmö (Google Maps )

Train station: Hyllie (Öresundståg )

Malmö Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Malmö, Sweden. It is one of the largest arenas in Scandinavia and serves as a venue for a wide range of events, including sports, concerts, exhibitions, and conferences. The arena also hosted Eurovision 2013.

Malmö Arena is next to the train station Hyllie on the Öresundståg line. The Öresundståg operates between the Copenhagen area and Malmö / Helsingborg / Göteborg / Kalmar / Karlskrona. The trip from Copenhagen Airport takes 11 minutes and from Copenhagen Central Station 26 minutes.

Eurovision 2013 and 2024: Malmö Arena
Malmö Arena (Eurovision 2013)
Eurovision 2013: Malmö Arena
Inside Malmö Arena (from Eurovision 2013)

The arena was completed in 2008 and officially opened to the public on November 6, 2008. It was designed by the architectural firm Wingårdh Arkitektkontor.

The arena has a maximum seating capacity of around 13,000 for concerts and other entertainment events, while for ice hockey matches, it can hold approximately 11,618 spectators. The seating capacity can vary depending on the event and the configuration.

Malmö Arena offers modern facilities to accommodate various events. It features several flexible spaces, including a large arena floor that can be adapted for different purposes. The arena also has hospitality and catering services, VIP lounges, restaurants, bars, and merchandising areas.

Malmö Arena is the home arena for the Malmö Redhawks, a professional ice hockey team competing in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). The arena has hosted numerous ice hockey matches, including international tournaments and playoff games.

The arena has become a popular venue for concerts and other live performances. It has hosted a wide range of artists and bands from different genres, including rock, pop, hip-hop, and classical music. The arena's flexible layout and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems make it suitable for large-scale productions.

The arena is easily accessible by public transportation. It is located adjacent to the Hyllie railway station, which is a major transportation hub with train and bus connections. There are also ample parking facilities for those traveling by car.


37 countries will participate at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 (confirmed):

Changes from Eurovision 2023


Luxembourg will return to Eurovision after 30 years of absence. Read more.


Romania is the only country from Eurovision 2023 that won't participate in Eurovision 2024. Talks are continuing with TVR on their potential participation as well.

EBU Member Broadcasters, on behalf of their countries, had until mid-October 2023 to formally submit their applications to take part in Eurovision 2024.


Tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö went on sale on Tuesday 28 November 2023. Read more: How to get tickets for Eurovision 2024

Eurovision Village

Eurovision Village is the official festival area during Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

In Eurovision Village you can see live performances by artists, DJs, special events and public viewing of the shows broadcast from the Arena.


The EuroClub is the venue for some special parties, the official after parties and performances by participants.

When Malmö hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Euroclub was hosted at Slagthuset in the city centre of Malmö.

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