Eurovision 2024 tickets

Eurovision 2024 Tickets

How to get tickets for Eurovision 2024. Here we will keep you updated with all the information about getting tickets for Eurovision 2024 in Malmö

We will update this page with all the information about Tickets for Eurovision 2024 as it appears.

Usually the tickets go out early the same year or late the year before the contest. We expect the tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2024 to go on sale late 2023.

The start of tickets sale depended on several factors: Firstly the host city (Malmö) and arena (Malmö Arena) must be chosen. Secondly selection of ticket agency. Thirdly a floor plan of seats/stands in the arena when stage design, green room and camera placement have roughly been decided.

Tickets for 9 shows

There will be tickets on sale for 9 shows – Six rehearsals and three live shows:


Evening RehearsalMonday 6 May21:00
Family RehearsalTuesday 7 May(afternoon)
LIVE SHOWTuesday 7 May21:00


Evening RehearsalWednesday 8 May21:00
Family RehearsalThursday 9 May(afternoon)
LIVE SHOWThursday 9 May21:00


Jury RehearsalFriday 10 May21:00
Family RehearsalSaturday 11 May(afternoon)
LIVE SHOWSaturday 11 May21:00

Live Shows

The Live Shows are exactly that: Live television shows. Audiences across Europe and Australia will get to cast their votes to add to the Jury scores.

Evening/Jury Rehearsals

The Evening/Jury Rehearsals take place on the evening before the Live Shows. The rehearsals will not be broadcast, but all the national juries will watch the show, and will cast their votes based on this show.

The rehearsals will be exact copies of the live shows, including opening act and interval acts, except the voting part (there will be some kind of simulated pseudo voting though).

The pre-qualified countries will perform during the Semi-final Evening/Jury rehearsals, and a clip of their performances will be shown at the next evening's live Semi-finals.

Family Rehearsals

The last rehearsals before the live shows, take place in the afternoon on the same day as the live shows. They are also called "Family Shows" but will not be broadcast, as they are only rehearsals.

The rehearsals will be exact copies of the live shows, including opening act and interval acts, except the voting part.

When will Eurovision 2024 tickets go on sale?

The organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has not announced the dates for the ticket sales. Eurovision 2024 will be organised by the Swedish broadcaster SVT.

Last time Sweden hosted Eurovision was back in 2016. Here, the tickets for Eurovision 2016 went on sale in three batches: 1st batch went on sale 26 November 2015, 2nd batch on 29 February 2016 and 3rd batch on 8 April 2016. Here the prices ranged from €11 (Semi-final rehearsals) to €280 (Grand Final).

Eurovision tickets the previous years

  • Eurovision 2023: 7 March 2023
  • Eurovision 2022: 7 April 2022
  • Eurovision 2021: No public sale
  • Eurovision 2020: 12 December 2019
  • Eurovision 2019: 18 February 2019
  • Eurovision 2018: 30 November 2017
  • Eurovision 2017: 14 February 2017
  • Eurovision 2016: 26 November 2015
  • Eurovision 2015: 15 December 2014
  • Eurovision 2014: 29 November 2013
  • Eurovision 2013: 26 November 2012

How much are Eurovision tickets?

The cost of tickets has varied a lot from year to year. Here we have gathered some information about ticket price for Eurovision Song Contest the previous years. The cheapest tickets were for the semi-final rehearsals, and the most expensive tickets were for the Grand Final live show:

  • Eurovision 2023: Between €34 and €427
  • Eurovision 2022: Between €10 and €350
  • Eurovision 2020: Between €20 and €255 (cancelled)
  • Eurovision 2019: Between €183 and €415
  • Eurovision 2018: Between €5 and €299
  • Eurovision 2017: Between €8 and €300
  • Eurovision 2016: Between €11 and €280
  • Eurovision 2015: Between €14 and €390

Special tickets for fans

The last many years, a number of tickets have been reserved for the members of one of the official Eurovision fan clubs around the world. These tickets are mainly for standing right in front of the scene in a special fan zone. The tickets are only sold in packages with six tickets to six shows: The three live-shows and the three jury-rehearsals.

The fan tickets will be sold through the official Eurovision fan clubs.

Last time Sweden hosted Eurovision was back in 2016. Here the fan tickets for OGAE members was €415.

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