Serbia: Nevena Božović releases "Kruna" music video

Nevena Božović has just released the official music video for her Eurovision entry, "Kruna".

We're less than a month away from this year's Eurovision Song Contest which still gives artists time to put out new material and invest in their entries promotion. That's exactly what Nevena Božović did as she has just released the official music video for "Kruna".

Its video is initially filled with beauty close-ups that show Nevena wearing what seems to be the crown (kruna) she talks about in her song. In fact, that same piece is being built throughout the music video.

As the second part of the song kicks in, we get to see a full picture of the Serbian singer who's wearing the same exact black dress she wore in Beovizija shows. Will we be seeing the dress in Tel Aviv's stage?

The video is now available in Eurovision Song Contest's official channel.

Nevena is set to perform at this year's Eurovision Song Contest first semi-final.

Serbia in Eurovision Song Contest

Serbia 2007: Marija Šerifović - "Molitva"

Serbia has been a part of Eurovision since 2007 except 2014, where they chose not to participate.

The best result was in their debuting year, where Marija Šerifović won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song Molitva.

Serbia 2007: Marija Šerifović - "Molitva"

This is the second consecutive year that Serbia have used Beovizija as their national selection for Eurovision. Beovizija returned last year for the first time since 2009.

Out of the 11 participations they qualified to the Grand Final 8 times.

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