Armenia 2015: Genealogy

Armenia: "Don't Deny" by Genealogy. Watch the video

The Armenian song for this years Eurovosion Song Contest has been revealed. The group "Genealogy" will sing the song "Don't Deny" in Vienna. Listen to the song and watch the music video here

The Armenian broadcaster ARMTV has opted for an internal selection for their participant in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. They decided to create the group "Genealogy" with six members around the world, all with Armenian origin. They will sing the song "Don't Deny", and the song and music video were revealed today.

Armenia 2015 | Genealogy - "Don't Deny"


Genealogy consist of six members from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and Armenia. All with Armenian origin, symbolizing the five continents of the world plus Armenia.

Essaï Altounian (Եսայի Ալթունյան), Europe. French-Armenian singer, songwriter, keyboardist, music producer and actor. He grew up and lived in France.

Tamar Kaprelian (Թամար Գաբրելեան), America. Armenian American musician and singer. She was born and raised in USA.

Vahe Tilbian (Վահե Թիլբյան), Africa. Ethiopian singer of Armenian descent, born and raised in Ethiopia.

Stephanie Topalian (Ստեֆանի Թօփալեան), Asia. Japanese Armenian American singer, songwriter and actress of mixed Japanese and Armenian descent. She was born to a Japanese mother and an Armenian father USA.

Mary-Jean O'Doherty Vasmatzian, Australia. Australian opera singer of Armenian descent. Born in USA to an Australian father and a Greek-Armenian mother.

Inga Arshakyan (Ինգա Արշակյա), Armenia. Represented Armenia at Eurovision Song Contest 2009 along with her sister, Anush. Born in Yerevan, Armenia.

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Armenia in Eurovision Song Contest

Armenia has been in Eurovision since 2006, participating 8 times (all the years except 2012). Best results are two fourth positions (2008 and 2014). They have qualified for the Semi-final every year except 2011.

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