Eurovision 2019: Construction inside the arena
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Plagiarism? Eurovision 2019 stage design seen before

A company of stage lights and design is accusing this year's Eurovision 2019 stage of plagiarism. The triangles hanging on the roof of this year's Tel Aviv event seem to take us back to 2014

WHITEvoid is a German company focused on space, light and media design. The company is now accusing this year's stage designer Florian Wieder of plagiarism due to his Eurovision Song Contest 2019 stage.

The main focus relies on the small triangles hanging on the roof as the German company used a very similar structure back in 2014 for Brazil's Luan Santana stage design.

According to Florian Wieder, his main inspiration wasn't WHITEvoid. Instead, the stage designer revealed he was inspired by the Star of David – present in the Israeli flag – and that later became a symbol for the Jewish communities.

In the video below, from WHITEvoid, we can indeed find similarities between the Eurovision 2019 stage and Luan Santana's stage from 2014:

WHITEvoid and Kinetic Lights for Luan Santana Acustico

Spain's 2019 stage idea

To add on to all that, Spain's 2019 staging for "La Venda" is also being accused of plagiarism due to its similarities to DUNDU – the giants of lights.

In this post made by WHITEvoid back in May 18 accusing Florian Wieder of taking their ideas, the official DUNDU page didn't hold back either:

Good artists copy, great artists steal but then the result should be better and not poorer than the original.DUNDU through Facebook comments

While no legal action has been taken against EBU, Florian Wieder or Spain's stage director (Fokas Evangelinos), remind yourself of Miki's performance at the Eurovision 2019 Grand Final:

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