Eurovision 2018 stage

Here is the stage for Eurovision 2018

The stage design for Eurovision 2018 has been revealed: It is inspired by the hull of a ship and reflects Portugal's history and culture

Portugal's Vasco da Gama was the first European to reach India by sea. Ever since, Portugal has been a proud naval nation. The design of the stage for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 reflects the maritime history of Portugal – just like the logo(s) and the slogan: All Aboard!

Stage design by Florian Wieder – a champion in stage design

Florian Wieder is the Creative Producer and Production Designer, and has the task of designing the stage for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. It is not the first time he goes into stage design. In his portfolio is a wide range of scenes used for TV production: 16 MTV awards, "America's Got Talent", "Britain's Got Talent", Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv in 2017, Vienna in 2015, Dusseldorf in 2011 and in Baku in 2012, as well as the Austrian versions of "Star Mania", "Dancing With the Stars", "Heroes of Tomorrow" and "The Big Chance". He has also designed scenes to Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and U2!

Eurovision 2018 stage
Eurovision 2018 stage

Four points of inspiration

Florian Wieder has explained that the stage design for Eurovision 2018 has been inspired by four key elements linked to Portugal's culture and history:

Navigation: The flag of Portugal features an armillary sphere. The armillary sphere is also featured in Portuguese heraldry, associated with the Portuguese discoveries during the Age of Exploration. For this reason the armillary sphere becomes the visual key element in the design concept.

Sea: The sea gives us a sense of freedom and clarity making it one of the most peaceful places on earth. The design of the stage shows a modern interpretation of a sweeping wave and its organic shape.

Ships: The Portuguese have been masters in crafting ships since the ancient times. They were able to explore the world because of this outstanding skill. The structure of the stage is inspired by these pieces of boatbuilding art.

Maps: A map is a diagrammatic representation of land and sea. The radial lines of a map spread out in different directions to connect all of these places. Lisbon becomes the centre where all of the lines come together.

The rich history of the Portuguese as a maritime nation reflects, without any boundaries, all of the values that make the Eurovision Song Contest unique today. Portugal and especially Lisbon are historic melting pots enriched by the impressions of newly discovered cultures that were brought back to the home port. This is mainly due to the Portuguese sailor men, who traveled the seas with courage and outstanding skills of navigationFlorian Wieder, Stage Designer

Large catwalk with bridges

Looking closer on the model of the stage, one can see that the stage is divided in two: The main stage and then a large catwalk, or "outer stage", with bridges between. From the floor plan from the tickets sales, the Golden Circle is placed between the stage and the catwalk.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, with 43 participating countries.

The arena for Eurovision 2018 is Altice Arena.

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