Eurovision 2022 stage
Photo: EBU
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Here's the stage for Eurovision 2022: "The Sun Within"

The Italian broadcaster RAI has unveiled the stage design for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It is named "The Sun Within" and is designed by Francesca Montinaro

The Italian broadcaster and organiser of Eurovision 2022, RAI, has revealed the ambitious stage design for this year's contest.

Designed by Francesca Montinaro, there's a reason why it'll be named "The Sun Within" as it is based on the movements and lights of a moving sun and framed by water as well as an Italian garden.

Eurovision 2022 stage
Photo: EBU
Eurovision 2022 stage
Photo: EBU

Francesca Montinaro

The stage designer was already part of the iconic Sanremo stage back in the day and explains that the inspiration for the stage truly came from the Italian people and their attitude:

– The kinetic sun, source of spectacular movements and tricks of light rules the stage and represents our Italian attitude: always on the move, rebellious, creative, welcoming, passionate, intuitive. We are the ones with the sun within, and this is our way to be in this world.

Francesca Montinaro: Eurovision 2022 Stage Designer
Francesca Montinaro

A cascade of water is also part of the stage and that was inspired by the inclusive nature of the stage. Why?

– It allegorically represents the sea that surrounds us, a symbol of our complex culture. The stage is our peninsula: a country where each contestant is welcomed, no matter where they are coming from.

There's a sun, there's an island, water but also a garden, or as Francesca says "a lush Italian garden":

– The artists and their teams will be hosted in a lush Italian garden, where vegetation mingles with rays of light, suspended between reality and illusion, transporting them to a playful and architectural dimension.

This sums up the soon-to-be new immersed visual experience Eurovision is about to bring to viewers and to the public.

This leaves RAI missing solely on the ticket sale for the contest.

About the author: Pedro Santos (Portugal)

authorPedro comes from Lisbon, Portugal. He's 30 years old and graduated in journalism. He has attended Eurovision Song Contest three times live - 2018, 2019 and 2022 - and covered the show twice more (2021, 2023) but his first Eurovision memory takes him back to 2007 when Sarbel delivered his catchy "Yassou Maria" performance. Pedro's favorite Eurovision song is Albania's 2015 "I'm Alive" by Elhaida Dani which is also his favorite Eurovision edition.

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