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Iceland Söngvakeppnin 2015

Iceland: Seven songs ready for the final

The second Icelandic Semi-final was held tonight in Reykjavík, and Iceland picked the last three+one songs out of seven to compete in the Final of Söngvakeppnin 2015. Listen to the finalist's songs here

UPDATED 9 February: Running order in the final

The second of two Semi-finals just ended with 3 songs qualified to the Icelandic Final of Söngvakeppnin 2015. The decision was made entirely by public televoting. Just like the first semi-final last saturday six songs performed in this semi-final, but only three songs qualified for the Final.

The six songs that didn't qualify from one of the semi-finals got a second chance to go to the Final. After the second Semi-final, an expert jury awarded one of the eliminated songs a wildcard to the Final. The lucky one was "Milljón augnablik" by Haukur Heiðar Hauksson

The Icelandic final of Söngvakeppnin will be held on 14 February.

Söngvakeppnin 2015 Semi-final 2 results

• CADEM - "Fyrir alla"
• SUNDAY - "Fjaðrir"
• María Ólafsdóttir - "Lítil skref"
• Haukur Heiðar Hauksson - "Milljón augnablik" (Jury wildcard)
Regína Ósk - "Aldrei of seint"
Bjarni Lárus Hall - "Brotið gler"

Söngvakeppnin 2015 Finalists

Running order

1) CADEM - "Fyrir alla" (Qualified from 2nd semi-final)
2) SUNDAY - "Fjaðrir" (Qualified from 2nd semi-final)
3) Björn og félagar - "Piltur og stúlka" (Qualified from 1st semi-final)
4) María Ólafsdóttir - "Lítil skref" (Qualified from 2nd semi-final)
5) Elín Sif Halldórsdóttir - "Í kvöld" (Qualified from 1st semi-final)
6) Friðrik Dór - "Í síðasta skipti" (Qualified from 1st semi-final)
7) Haukur Heiðar Hauksson - "Milljón augnablik" (Jury wildcard)

Söngvakeppnin 2015 Calendar

31 January: Semi-final 1
7 February: Semi-final 2
• 14 January: Final

Iceland in Eurovision Song Contest

Iceland's debut in Eurovision Song Contest was back in 1986, and has been participating 27 times since. Best result are two second-places with Yohanna in 2009 and Selma in 1999. Iceland is the only Northern European country that has yet to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

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