Eurovision 1999 Results: Voting & Points

Eurovision 1999 Scoreboard

Eurovision Song Contest 1999

Eurovision Song Contest 1999 result: Sweden won with the song "Take Me To Your Heaven" by Charlotte Nilsson with 163 points

Eurovision 1999 Results: Voting & PointsDate: Saturday 29 May 1999
Location: Usshishkin Hall in the International Convention Centre, Jerusalem, Israel
Broadcaster: IBA
Hosts: Yigal Ravid, Dafna Dekel & Sigal Shahamon

Voting: Televoting (Turkey, Lithuania, Ireland and Bosnia & Herzegovina used juries)

Participants: 23; Host (Israel), The 17 countries with the highest average score over the previous five years, The 5 countries that were excluded from Eurovision 1998

Did you know... From 1978 to 1998 the rules stated that each country had to sing in one of their national languages

Did you know... From 1956 to 1998 all the songs were accompanied by a live orchestra. From 1999 and onwards the orchestra was dropped, so the entries could use recorded backing track during their performances

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