Kyiv 2017: Stand-in rehearsals have started backstage

A video of the stand-in rehearsals shows some of the countries' plans for choreography and stage performance at Eurovision 2017. Watch a glimpse of some of the backstage rehearsals here

The stand-in rehearsals have started in Kyiv ahead of the arrival of the artists in a few days.

Every year a team of stand-ins rehearse the songs weeks before the delegations arrive. Usually these stand-in rehearsals are kept as a secret, so details as choreography and stage performance are not revealed before the rehearsal week prior to the Eurovision week. The video is made by Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC.

The countries whose stand-in rehearsals you can see a glimpse of in the video:

00:28 – Poland
00:51 – Portugal
02:02 – Sweden
02:55 – Belgium
03:23 – Greece
03:59 – Montenegro
04:37 – Moldova

Stand-in rehearsals

Each of the countries' delegation has send their instructions and wishes for their song (choreography and performance) to the producer of Eurovision 2017, UA:PBC. The producer then tries to implement each delegation's wishes, and young local musicians then rehearse the entries with the choreography instructed by the delegations. These stand-in rehearsals are being used to plan and program camera work, lighting and effects, and the recordings are sent back to each of the delegations for review. The delegations can then send back change requests.

When the delegations show up in Kyiv the week before Eurovision, all the technical aspects like camera and lightings are already programmed for the performances, so the delegations and "real" artists can start their rehearsals on stage without spending unnecessary waiting time on directions and technical issues.

Watch some of the stand-in rehearsals on stage from last year's Eurovision in Stockholm.

The rehearsals for the delegations starts on Sunday, 30 April 2017: See the complete rehearsal schedule for Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv.

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