Eurovision Odds

Who are the bookmakers favourites?

We have collected some of the bookmakers predictions of the outcome of Eurovision-related events.

The odds are collected from bookmakers that have bets on some of the competitions. The odds are being continuously updated. We don't offer any bets on these odds. They are only showed here for your information, and can be seen as a prediction of the outcome.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020
Who will win Eurovision Song Contest 2020?
Norway MGP 2020 – Semi-final 3
Norway MGP: Who will qualify from Semi-final 3?
Sanremo 2020
Italy: Who will win Sanremo 2020?
Melodifestivalen 2020
Sweden: Who will win Melodifestivalen 2020?
Estonia Eesti Laul 2020
Estonia: Who will win Eesti Laul 2020?
Iceland Söngvakeppnin 2019 (closed)
Denmark Melodi Grand Prix 2019 (closed)
Ukraine: Vidbir 2019 (closed)
Germany: Unser Lied für Israel 2019 (closed)
Romania: Selecţia Naţională 2019 (closed)
Australia Decides 2019 (closed)
UK Eurovision: You Decide 2019 (closed)
France: Destination Eurovision 2019 (closed)
España: Operación Triunfo Eurovisión Gala 2019 (closed)
Eurovision Song Contest 2019 (closed)
Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (closed)
Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (closed)
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (closed)
Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (closed)

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