Latvia 2015 Aminata Savadago

Latvia: Aminata wins Supernova 2015

Aminata will represent Latvia with the song "Love injected" at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Listen to the song and watch her performance here.

Tonight Lativa decided to send Aminata to Vienna with the song "Love injected". Latvia is the last of the three baltic countries to decide, as both Estonia and Lithuania decided yesterday. The Latvian selection, Supernova 2015, has been going on the last 4 weeks, with two heats, one semifinal, and tonight's Supernova Final.

Just four songs competed in the final: Aminata, MNTHA, Elektrofolk and Markus Riva. After each song were performed, the televoters voted two songs through to the "super final", and hereafter another televoting took place to decide the winner: Aminata.

Aminata - "Love injected"

Supernova 2015 Result

  1. Aminata - "Love injected" (1st)
  2. Markus Riva - "Take Me Down" (2nd)
  3. Elektrofolk - "Sundance" (3rd)
  4. MNTHA - "Nefelibata" (4th)

Supernova 2015

  • 2 February: Supernova Heat 1
  • 8 February: Supernova Heat 2
  • 15 February: Supernova Semi-final
  • 22 February: Supernova Final

The winner og Supernova 2015 will represent Latvia in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Supernova consisted of two heats, held on 2 and 8 February and one semi-final on 15 February, and the climax: The Grand Final of Supernova 2015 on 22 February 2015. Each of the heats and the semi-final were broadcasted live, and the TV audience and an expert jury chosed the songs advanced to the Grand Final. In the Grand Final it was solely public televoting that decided the winner.

The jury consisted of Eve Kerēvica, Kaspars Roga (Eurovision 2000), Dons and Guntars Račs. The hosts of all shows of Supernova 2015 was Ketija Šēnberga, Toms Grēviņš and a gigantic beaver!

Latvia in Eurovision Song Contest

Latvia appeared in Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, and since the debut, the country has participated every year (15 times) in the contest. The best result was in 2002, where Latvia won Eurovision Song Contest with the song "I Wanna" by Marie N. The last six years Latvia didn't qualify to the Grand Final - three of the years they went last in their semi-finals!

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