New video from Conchita: "You Are Unstoppable"

The video for Conchita Wurst's new song "You Are Unstoppable" has been released today. Listen to the song and watch the video here

Conchita is busy woman. One month before hosting the Green Room at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna she has just released the video for her new song "You Are Unstoppable". The song is written by Richard Andersson, Dag Lundberg, Niclas Lif, Johannes Henriksson, David Bronner and Sebastian Arman.

Our guess is that the song will be part of the interval acts in Eurovision this year!

Conchita Wurst has had a very busy year since her victory in Copenhagen last year. She has performed in several of the national selections around Europe, including the Maltese, the Suiss, the Swedish and of course the Austrian selection. She also participated in the show Eurovision's Greatest Hits with her winning song "Rise Like a Phoenix". Back in November 2015 she released the song "Heroes".

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