Switzerland: Mélanie René wins with "Time To Shine"

Die Große Entscheidungsshow selected the Suiss entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The winner is Mélanie René with the song "Time To Shine". Watch her performance here

Switzerland, the country where Eurovision was born, has selected Mélanie René to represent Switzerland with the song "Time To Shine" at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Tonight "Die Große Entscheidungsshow" took place live from Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen.

Switzerland 2015 | Mélanie René : "Time To Shine"

The six finalists in Die Große Entscheidungsshow performed their own bid for a winning song, and in the second part a popular cover song. The decision was made on the basis of 50/50 televoting and a jury. The show was broadcasted live in front of the TV-viewers, audience and an expert jury, and was hosted by Sven Epiney. During the voting, a special guest star Conchita Wurst visited and performed " Rise Like a Phoenix".

The six finalists in Die Große Entscheidungsshow 2015:

1) Deborah Bough - "Take Me Back to 23"
2) Timebelle - "Singing About Love"
3) Licia Chery - "Fly"
4) Andy McSean - "Hey Now"
5) Mélanie René - "Time To Shine"
6) Tiziana - "Only Human"

Die Große Entscheidungsshow 2015

Back in December the "expert check" took place, where 18 hopefull candidates fought for a place in the national final, Die Große Entscheidungsshow. Before that, each of the contestants won their regional selection hosted by the four public broadcasters (Swiss-German, Rumantsch, Swiss-French, and Swiss-Italian) in Switzerland.

Switzerland in Eurovision Song Contest

Switzerland 1988 | Céline Dion - "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi"

Switzerland has been in Eurovision Song Contest since it's beginning in 1956 - in Switzerland. And the winner of the first very Eurovision Song Contest was... Lys Assia from Switzerland with the song "Refrain". Since then, Switzerland won the 1988-contest by an, back then, unknown girl, Céline Dion with the song "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" (only ONE point to number two, United Kingdom). A Star was born.

Since then, Switzerland haven't had huge succes in Eurovision. Since the introduction of Semi-finals in 2004, Switzerland only managed to qualify for the Grand Final 4 out of 11 tries. Switzerland is a proud member of "Club Zero", with four contests without any points.

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