Eurovision 1998 Results: Voting & Points

Eurovision 1998 Scoreboard

Eurovision Song Contest 1998

Eurovision Song Contest 1998 result: Israel won with the song "Diva" by Dana International with 172 points

Eurovision 1998 Results: Voting & Points

Date: 9 May 1998
Location: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Broadcaster: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Hosts: Ulrika Jonsson and Terry Wogan

Participants: 25; Host (United Kingdom), The 6 countries that were excluded from Eurovision 1997, The 18 countries with the highest average score over the previous five years

Voting: Televoting (Turkey, Romania and Hungary used juries)

Opening act: Birmingham, Old and New
Interval act: Suzy Wing Uggy Banana Wong

Debuting countries: FYR Macedonia

Did you know... From 1956 to 1998 all the songs were accompanied by a live orchestra. From 1999 and onwards the orchestra was dropped, so the entries could use recorded backing track during their performances

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