EMA 2019:
Renata Mohorič - "Three Bridges"

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Ohridfest 2019 (playback)


Lyrics: Three Bridges


Three Bridges

Only a day and night
But I all has turned into shadows
Shadows of my dreams
Only a day and a night
Free credos words, unspoken
With two hearts
With one so
Still we must let it go
Now like this time
With river cross through our hearts

Three bridges
But still no way back
We're living in our behind
Three Bridges
Falling a story of us

The sun will rise
Sit down
But there's still darkness
In their live

And wait, wait, wait
Wait for me
Many years from now

Three bridges
But still be waiting
For a love to return
Three Bridges
Telling the story lovers

On three bridges
Filled on memories
And don't back
When I'm on

Three bridges
Still waiting for love
Three bridges
Waiting for love
Still wаiting
For uѕ

Artist/group (stage name)Renata Mohorič
ArtistRenata Mohorič
TitleThree Bridges
ComposersGrigor Koprov, Stiko Per Larsson

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