Vidbir 2020:
David Axelrod - "Horizon"

2 stars ★ 37 ratings


Defence • Medical • Rebuild
Vidbir 2020 - Final
Vidbir 2020 - Semi-final 2


Lyrics: Horizon



All the stars are coming down
To light my way into the night
Now it feels so bright
All the winds are slowing down
To whisper how to find you
Now I got a clue

And all the waves are so calm
Here I am, floating up,to you yeah
Tell me baby how to reach you out
Baby there's so much inside and I cant no longer hide
Spread my wings and made me flying
On the clouds I wrote this song

Never in my life I felt so strong
Ever since you baby came along
Never knew what's right or what is wrong

You're my Horizon

Used to keep on falling and feel down
But baby it's all gone – look at me now

I am rising,
You're my horizon

Spread my wings and made me flying
Tell me baby how to reach you out
There's so much inѕide baby
And I can't no longer hide

Huh you made me fly ooooo baby I cаn't no longer hide

Artist/group (stage name)David Axelrod
ArtistDavid Axelrod
SongwritersDavid Axelrod, Pavlo Shylko, Volodymyr Grigorovitch

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