Belarus has decided: Zena to Eurovision 2019 – "Like It"

The Belarusian final for Eurovision Song Contest 2019 took place tonight live from Minsk, with Zena as the winner: "Like It"

The Belarusian national broadcaster, BTRC, held the national final tonight live from Minsk. 10 songs were selected by a committee after open auditions held back in February 2019.

The winner – and Belarusian representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – was decided solely by a professional jury, and their choice fell on Zena with the song Like It.

Belarus 2019: Zena – "Like It"

Belarus 2019 – Result

  1. Zena – "Like It" (69 points)
  2. BLGN & Mirex – "Champion" (65 points)
  3. Sebastian Roos – "Never Getting Close" (62 points)
  4. Michael Soul – "Humanize" (59 points)
  5. Alyona Gorbachova – "Can We Dream" (59 points)
  6. KeySi – "No Love Lost" (59 points)
  7. NAPOLI – "Let It Go" (58 points)
  8. PROvokatsiya – "Running Away from the Sun" (55 points)
  9. Aura – "Čaravala" (55 points)
  10. Eva Kogan – "Run" (54 points)

The 10 songs were selected during an open audition which took place in February. At the audition 73 out of the 113 submitted songs were performed, and the 10 best songs were selected by a committee for the Belarusian final.



Zinaida Alexandrovna Kupriyanovich (Зінаіда Аляксандраўна Куприянович), 16, is from Minsk, Belarus. She graduated from the children's music school of arts, and is now continuing her studies at a gymnasium in Minsk.

Last year she was one of the hosts of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk.

Belarus in Eurovision Song Contest

Belarus 2007: Dmitry Koldun - "Work Your Magic"

Belarus haven't had the greatest succes in Eurovision history. They have participated every year since 2004, but only qualified for the Grand Final five times.

Belarus 2007: Dmitry Koldun - "Work Your Magic"

Their best result is a 6th place with the 2007-entry Work Your Magic performed by Dmitry Koldun. This is their only Top-15 position in Eurovision.

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