Cyprus: Minus One Evangelou/Savva
Minus One & Evangelou/Savva

Cyprus: Minus One or Evangelou & Savva?

Tonight the first round of Eurochallenge decided the ten songs to advance to next round of Eurochallenge. Escpecially two groups were in a league of their own

The show was like a karaoke-night, with no audience and no stage-show. The twenty artists performed their song in front of a jury in a TV-studio. The quality of the songs varied a lot, so did the genres. Especially two songs were in a league of their own, and we believe that one of these will represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna.

The first song we believe in is the rock ballad song " Shine" by the rockgroup Minus One, and the other song with great chances is the greek/french song "Dila den agapo" ("Δειλά δεν αγαπώ") performed by Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva, a dramatic pop ballad with two amazing voices.

Minus One - "Shine"
Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva - "Dila den agapo"

10 songs are ready for the second round of Eurochallenge 2015

• Panagiotis Koufogiannis - "Without Your Love"
• Pieros Kezou - "Said it All Before"
• Minus One - "Shine"
• Charis Savva & Nearchos Evaggelou - "Dila Den Agapo"
• Ioanna Protopapa - "Beat Of My Heart"
• Christina Tselepou - "In These Arms"
• Doody - "Magic"
• Giannis Karagiannis - "One Thing I Should Have Done"
• Hovig - "Stone In A River"
• Christos Rialas - "Mine"

Videos: Listen and watch the videos of the 20 songs in Eurochallenge

Kyriakos Georgiou - "Shake Dat"
Yuri - "Victorious"
Maria Evangelou - "Still"
Eva Diva - "Come And Fight For Freedom"
Maria Moskofian & Christiana Chatziiordanous - "Sailing Ships, Pirates And Dragons"
Apollonia - "Don't Give Up On Me (Just Yet)"
Charalampous "Luna" Iosif - "I Wanna Dance (I Say Tempo)"
Emily Haralambous - "Right In"
Valence - "Scared"
Eleni Irakleous - "Dawn"


Cyprus has six auditions and three shows to pick the winner that will represent Cyprus at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. The first six auditions called "Eurovision Song Project" selects the 20 songs that will go through to the next step: "Eurochallenge". Here 10 songs will procede to the next round of Eurochallenge, which will be aired 23 January 2015. The six best songs will proceed to the Final 1 February 2015.

The jury

The jury consist of seven experts, including three former Cypriot Eurovision-artists: Elena Patroklou ( 1991) , Alex Panayi (1995 & 2000) and Despina Olympiou (2013). Tasos Trifonos, Christer Bjorkman, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Bruno Berberes.

Cyprus in Eurovison Song Contest

Since Cyprus debuted in Eurovision Song Contest in 1981, the country has not yet managed to win in any of the 31 times the country has participated. Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, Cyprus has only qualified for four finals. Best location is three fifth places (1982, 1997, 2004), and the worst is last place in 1986.

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