Eurovision 2004 Results: Voting & Points

Eurovision 2004 Scoreboard

Eurovision Song Contest 2004

Eurovision Song Contest 2004 result: Ukraine won with the song "Wild Dances" by Ruslana with 280 points

Eurovision 2004 Results: Voting & Points

Date: Saturday 15 May 2004
Location: Abdi Ipekci Sport Center, Istanbul, Turkey
Broadcaster: Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT)
Hosts: Meltem Cumbul & Korhan Abay
Slogan: Under The Same Sky

Voting: Televoting

Qualification for the Grand Final: 24; Big-4 (Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom), Top 10 from Eurovision 2003 (other than Big-4), Top 10 from Eurovision 2004 Semi-Final

Opening act: Sertab Erener
Interval act: ABBA: The Last Video. Fire of Anatolia

Did you know... Eurovision Semi-finals were introduced in 2004

Did you know... In 2004 there were 37 countries giving points, resulting in a very long voting procedure. The voting time was cut in 2006 where each spokesperson started to just announce the top three votes

Did you know... When Ukrainian singer Ruslana won Eurovision in 2004, she was rewarded with a seat in Parliament

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