Czechia ESCZ 2024 artists

Czechia: Artists for ESCZ 2024 revealed

Seven artists will compete on the Czech selection show for Eurovision 2024. ESCZ 2024 takes place on Monday, 4 December 2023

The Czech broadcaster has revealed the seven artists competing on next Monday's ESCZ 2024. The national selection event will be broadcast live from the Roxy in Prague on 4 December 2023 at 20:15 CET, and will be hosted by Adam Mišík and Cesár Sampson (Austria 2018).

The show will be aired on ČT art, on the platform iVysílání, and on Eurovision's YouTube channel.

The seven songs won't be released before the day of ESCZ 2024.

Czechia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Czechia 2019: Lake Malawi - "Friend of a Friend"

Czechia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 11 times. After three years of very poor results (2007, 2008, 2009), they decided to withdraw from the competition for five years, with only 10 points in their Eurovision account. But their hope for Eurovision never died, so they returned to the contest again in 2015, as well as the following years.

Czechia 2019: Lake Malawi - "Friend of a Friend"

In 2016, Czechia qualified for the Grand Final for the first time. Their best result was in 2018, when Mikolas Josef secured a 6th place finish with the song Lie To Me.

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