Estonia 2021: Eesti Laul

Estonia: Eurovision 2021 journey commences – Dates for Eesti Laul announced

Song submission regulations for Eesti Laul 2021 have been announced together with a national final date – Eesti Laul 2021 will have two semi-finals and a final

Today, 1 September 2020, marks the opening of the Eurovision 2021 season. Estonia starts off by publishing song submission regulations while also their national final date.

A few days after the EBU announcement to cancel Eurovision 2020 due to COVID-19, the national broadcaster of Estonia, had also announced that the 2020 representative Uku Suviste, will have the chance to represent the country through a national final.

The Estonian broadcaster, ERR, celebrated the opening of the Eurovision 2021 season by announcing the semi-final and final dates of their national final, Eesti Laul:

  • Semi-final 1: 18 February 2021
  • Semi-final 2: 20 February 2021
  • Final: 6 March 2021

Details of the semi-finals and finals of the song competition including locations will be published during the competition.

Following this announcement, it has been noted that the song submissions window is now open until 6 November 2020. Tomi Rahula, the main producer of Eesti Laul stated:

— We are waiting for all musicians and authors to participate in the Estonian Song Contest again, music is and will remain in a changing world, and Estonian Song provides an opportunity to present their worthy creations in the best way

Full regulations and all information necessary about the song submissions for participation can be found here . Whilst it has been noted that 23 songs will be selected for the two semifinals and one place will be given directly to the song submitted by Uku Suviste.

Uku Suviste was due to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2020 with the song What Love Is:

Uku Suviste - "What Love Is"

Estonia in Eurovision Song Contest

Estonia 2019: Victor Crone - "Storm"

Estonia has participated in Eurovision Song Contest 25 times by now, first in 1994. Estonia has participated every year, except 1995. Estonia has managed to qualify to the grand final only 7 out of 16 times.

Estonia 2019: Victor Crone - "Storm"

Estonia has won just once, in year 2001 with the song "Everybody" performed by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton and 2XL.

About the author: Steven Spiteri (Malta)

authorSteven has been a huge Eurovision fan since 1995. He comes from a small town called Birkirkara located in Malta and graduated in Business & Administration. Steven follows all the national finals and Eurovision Song Contests every year especially Melodifestivalen and Eesti Laul. He has an endless list of favorites but the all time favorite entry would be Italy's 2016 entry "Nessun grado di separazione" by Francesca Michielin whilst Lisbon 2018 is his favorite Eurovision edition.

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