Hungary A Dal 2015

Hungary: Results and Videos from A Dal Heat 1

Tonight the first show of A Dal 2015 took place in Budapest. Ten songs competed and six happy contestants are now qualified for one of the Semi-finals. Watch the semi-finalists performance here

The are quite serious in Hungary: It takes a total of 30 songs and six well produced shows to find the Hungarian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. 4 songs are out of A Dal 2015 after tonights first heat, so now we only have 26 songs left in the competition. 5 more shows to go before we know who will represent Hungary in Vienna.

The jury selected the first 5 songs, while the sixth song was selected by the Hungarian televoters.

A Dal songs qualified for Semi-final

1) PASSED - "Mesmerize" (43 points)
2) Vera Tóth - "Gyémánt" (39 points)
3) Bogi Dallos - "World Of Violence" (38 points)
4) Gabi Szűcs - "Úgysem felejtesz el" (37 points)
4) Karmapolis - "The Time Is Now" (37 points)
6) Timi Antal - "Woke Up This Way" (televoting)
Bori Magyar – "Lead Me To Heaven"
Balázs Farkas-Jenser – "Liar"
Gergő Szakács – "Ősz utca"
MDC – "Maniac"

Passed – "Mesmerize"
Vera Tóth - "Gyémánt"
Bogi Dallos - "World Of Violence"
Gabi Szűcs - "Úgysem felejtesz el"
Karmapolis - "The Time Is Now"
Timi Antal - "Woke Up This Way"

A Dal 2015

24 January: Heat 1
• 31 January: Heat 2
• 7 February: Heat 3
• 14 February: Semi-final 1
• 21 February: Semi-final 2
• 28 February: Final

Hungary in Eurovision Song Contest

Hungary has participated in Eurovision Song Contest 12 times since its debut in 1994. The Best result was in the debuting year 1994 where the song "Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet" went 4th. Since the introduction of the Semi-finals in 2004 Hungary has qualified for the Grand Final 6 out of 8 times - The last 4 years Hungary did qualify for the Grand Final. Their worst result was in 2008 where Hungary went last in Semi-final 2.

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