Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić' song "Space" is out

Slavko Kalezić from Montenegro will sing the song "Space" at Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Today his song was released along with a music video

Slavko Kalezić was picked in December 2016 by the Montenegrin national broadcaster RTCG to represent Montenegro at Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Back then it was also announced that he will perform the song "Space" in Kyiv.

Now the song and music video is out. See the video on top of this page. "Space" is written by Momčila Zekovića.

Slavko Kalezić

Slavko Kalezić (31) was born in Podgorica, Montenegro and is wellknown in Montenegro already, as an actor both on stage and in movies – and as a singer. He has been studying drama at University of Montenegro, and is currently an actor at the National Theatre of Montenegro. He competed in the first season of X Factor Adria in 2013.

Slavko was picked among 27 songs submitted by 20 composers.

Montenegro in Eurovision Song Contest

Montenegro 2015 | Knez - "Adio"

Montenegro has participated in Eurovision Song Contest eight times since it's debut as an independent country in Eurovision 2007. They qualified for the Grand Final two times out of eight: In 2014, with the song "Moj Svijet" by Sergej Ćetković, and in 2015: Knez with "Adio". He finished 13th, which is also the best result for Montenegro.

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