Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2022: Oda Gondrosen
Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

Norway MGP 2022: Oda Gondrosen wins Heat 3

Tonight the third Heat of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2022 took place. Four acts performed live and one song qualified to the final: Oda Gondrosen with "Hammer Of Thor"

The third Heat of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 took place tonight live from H3 Arena at Fornebu outside of Oslo.

The winner of the evening was Oda Gondrosen with the song "Hammer Of Thor". Oda Gondrosen qualifies directly to the Final of MGP 2022 on 19 February.

During each of the heats, the four songs competing were relocated into duels before the show. The winner of the two duels (Oda Gondrosen and Vilde) battled it out in a gold duel.

Melodi Grand Prix 2022 – Heat 3

Duel 1

Duel 2

Gold Duel

The three artists from Heat 3 who didn't made it, still have a chance to get a spot in the final. The "Last Chance" takes place on 7 and 12 February 2022.

One of the pre-qualified finalists, NorthKid, performed their song Someone during the show. It was supposed to be the duo Subwoolfer, but they tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week, so we will have to wait and see their performance of Give That Wolf a Banana.

Melodi Grand Prix 2022

Melodi Grand Prix 2022 will select the artist and song that will represent Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

There will be a total of seven shows from 15 January to 19 February 2022:

  • 15 January 2022: Heat 1
  • 22 January 2022: Heat 2
  • 29 January 2022: Heat 3
  • 5 February 2022: Heat 4
  • 7 February 2022: Last Chance 1
  • 12 February 2022: Last Chance 2
  • 19 February 2022: Final

A total of 21 songs compete in MGP 2022. 10 of these will compete in the final:

  • 5 pre-qualified songs
  • 4 winners from the heats
  • 1 winner from the Last Chance

All Heats as well as the Final will be broadcasted from the H3 Arena at Fornebu outside of Oslo.

Norway in Eurovision Song Contest

Norway 1995: Secret Garden - "Nocturne"

Since the debut in 1960 Norway has participated 59 times in Eurovision. They have won the competition three times:

Norway 1995: Secret Garden - "Nocturne"

In 2009, Alexander Rybak's Fairytale was the song that has received most points with the old voting system: 387 points – got 12 points from 16 countries. But Norway holds another Eurovision record: The country that ended last most times – 10 last places!

Since the introduction of Semi-finals in 2004, Norway has been very succesful with qualification to the Grand Final 14 out of 17 times.

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