Serbia: Bojana Stamenov to Vienna

The Serbian act for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was decided tonight in the national selection "Odbrojavanje za Beč 2015". Bojana Stamenov will represent Serbia in Vienna with the song "Ceo Svet Je Moj"

After last nights presentation of the songs, it was time for the Serbian viewers and a special expert jury to decide who's gonna fly the Serbian flag in Vienna. All three singers performed their song, and shortly after the voting closed, and after 80 minutes the winner was known.

The winner is Bojana Stamenov with the song "Ceo Svet Je Moj". Serbia is performing in the second half of the first Semi-final on 19 May 2015. What are Serbia's chances this year? Have a look at the updated bookmaker's odds for Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Result of Odbrojavanje za Beč 2015

• Aleksa Jelic – "Vodi Me" (Carry Me)
• Danica Krstic – "Suze za Kraj" (Tears for the end)
Bojana Stamenov – "Ceo Svet Je Moj" (The Whole World is Mine)

Serbia Odbrojavanje do Beca 2015

Bojana Stamenov was chosen trough a public selection, while Danica Krstic and Aleksa Jelic were selected from the year's composer of all the songs, Vladimir Graic, who also composed the winning entry for Serbia, "Molitva", in 2007.

Bojana Stamenov

Bojana Stamenov is already a known and established singer in Serbia, known for her participation in the talent show "Ja Imam Talenat".

Odbrojavanje za Beč 2015

This years Odbrojavanje za Beč 2015 had a presentation show of the contestants on 14 February. Hereafter the voting opened, and the viewers could vote on their favourite. The next day, 15 February, the second show was broadcasted, and here the Serbian representative was selected. The winner was chosen by a combination of 50/50 public televoting and an expert jury.

Serbia 2007 | Marija Šerifović - "Molitva"

Serbia in Eurovision Song Contest

Serbia has been a part of Eurovision since 2007, except from last year, where they chose not to participate. The best result is from their debut, where Marija Šerifović won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song "Molitva". Out of the 7 participations they failed to qualify for the grand final only twice, in 2009 and 2013.

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