Evrovidenie 2021:
Therr Maitz - "Future Is Bright"

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Defence • Medical • Rebuild
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Lyrics: Future Is Bright


Future Is Bright

It's written above
Some obvious matters
They told me to love
To be patient and bold
Things I can't afford

To speak, not to fight
To stand, not to bother
To leave it behind
Cuz the future is bright
There's no way to ignore

The future is bright

What you call the life
Others call it prison
Freedom's not constant
Beauty is right
In the eye of the beholder

They are searching for cause
Or begging for reasons
But they can't deny that
The future is bright
And stay ready for it

The future is bright

Craving for better
Taking the signs
That just come and go
I've taken for granted
The love that you shared with the world

It's been somewhere round the corner
And I'll catch it in the end
Or the future's no longer bright
It's fading to black
Fading to black
Fading to black
Fading to black
Fading to blаck…

The future iѕ bright

Artist/group (stage name)Therr Maitz
ArtistTherr Maitz
TitleFuture Is Bright
SongwritersAnton Belyaev, Victoria Zhuk

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