Azerbaijan's song for Eurovision 2024 released: Fahree feat. Ilkin Dovlatov with "Özünlə Apar"

Fahree feat. Ilkin Dovlatov will represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Their song "Özünlə Apar" has just been released

Fahree was internally selected by Azerbaijani broadcaster ITV back in March to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Later, it was announced by Fahree himself that he'll be joined on stage by Ilkin Dovlatov.

Today, the very last of the 37 songs competing at Eurovision 2024 has been released: Azerbaijan's Fahree and Ilkin Dovlatov with "Özünlə Apar."

Azerbaijan 2024: Fahree feat. Ilkin Dovlatov - "Özünlə Apar"

"Özünlə Apar" was written by Fahree, Edgar Ravin, Hasan Haydar, Mila Miles, and Mado Salikh.


Fahree was born in Baku in 1995.

His family is connected to the arts world. While his father was a Jazz drummer and instilled his love for music in Fahree, his grandfather was a respected actor.

He went on to become a lawyer and even got his Master's degree recently. It was the COVID-19 pandemic that made him prioritize his main passion: music.

Fahree started releasing music professionally in 2022 and has, so far, released four singles.

Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest

Azerbaijan 2009: AySel & Arash - "Always"

Azerbaijan has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 15 times since its debut in 2008. They have had great success in Eurovision, with five top-5 results out of 15! They won the competition in 2011 (Ell/Nikki - "Running Scared").

Azerbaijan 2009: AySel & Arash - "Always"

Their worst result was in 2023, when Azerbaijan finished 14th in their Semi-final. They have qualified for the Grand Final 13 out of 15 times.

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